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Captain Price is back in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Season 4 has been postponed indefinitely following the current turmoil in America, but Infinity Ward says now is not the time. When the time comes, new weapons and maps will almost certainly be in play, and the real excitement is that the next operator of the game will be fan-favorite Captain John Price, who is one of the most popular characters in Call of Duty history. He was a key player in both the main game and the Battle Royale.

Infinity Ward and Activision announced this week that season 4 of Modern Warfare and Warzone will begin on June 4, as will the release of Call of Duty Mobile.

Modern Warfare began on June 3 and was supposed to bring back Captain Price, one of the show’s most iconic characters, but the publisher has postponed the upcoming fourth season. The iconic character plays a crucial role in the plot of the game and has appeared in every single episode of Call of Duty: Modern warfare since its publication.

It has also been suggested that Captain Price will be available as a playable character in COD: Modern Warfare: War zone. That means we’ll have to wait until next Wednesday for season 4, which comes out on June 3. 

The next season’s title has reportedly been leaked, and fans can brace themselves for a double whammy this weekend. If that’s exciting enough, Activision has finally confirmed when season 4 of Warzone and Modern Warfare will be released.

There is plenty of exciting news for PlayStation Plus subscribers, as the game was recently made available to them for free. Even bunkers in War Zone can be opened, the release of the new multiplayer mode of Call of Duty Mobile is approaching and the title is allegedly leaked. 

So far, Activision and Infinity Ward have not announced a release date for the fourth season of MW, but it is unlikely to be delayed by more than a few weeks. Fortnite Season 3 was originally scheduled to start on Wednesday, June 3, and has now been pushed back to June 11. This launch date is particularly noteworthy because it comes a week before the start of Epic Games’ Fortnite Season 3 on June 4, which will likely cause a delay of at least a few weeks for the game. 

Call of Duty has caused quite a stir throughout the month of May, and it has been confirmed that both Gaz and Captain Price will be joining the revolution as new operators. Both will add to the already huge roster of new characters in the fourth season of Modern Warfare Warzone, and a few more. 

Activision has released a teaser trailer for Season 4, which serves as a storyline recap and confirms that Captain Price will be the season’s main new operator. The trailer shows some of the new characters of the game and confirms the involvement of Captain Price. 

Season 4 will also introduce a new weapon and operator for players, as well as new weapons and operators. The teaser trailer doesn’t provide much more information, except possibly hints at incoming map changes.

The official Twitter account of Call of Duty has shared new teaser trailers that appear to show some of the new characters in the game, such as Captain Price and the other new operators in season 4

The exact start time hasn’t been announced, though, but past teasers have hinted at it a lot, so expect the update to come out sooner rather than later in the day. Depending on the platform, seasonal updates from the past will be available in a few weeks. Although it would be ideal to get both updates at the same time, there is a good chance that some platforms may have to wait a little longer.

Captain Price will also arrive in June, although past teasers have not kept us informed of the exact date of his arrival, and we expect it to come out “sooner rather than later” these days. 


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