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Update of Overwatch was recorded on a phone at Jeff Kaplan’s house

All the Overwatch fans have arrived here. The update this time was recorded from the corner of Jeff Kaplan‘s house, on the phone taped to do a box.

Even though the set up was not perfect, the quality was very amazing. The game also makes us aware of the changes that will come to the communication wheel of the game. Well, we all are aware of the fact that how much players wanted a communication wheel. It will be special this time because you will be able to give orders like sorry or goodbye.

Blizzard will do this by including newlines. Players will also get the opportunity to set up the lines in whichever order they want. The best part is that all the lines have been recorded for all 32 heroes. It doesn’t matter which way you set up the wheel, you will hear all the lines properly.

“Everybody has been wanting to say ‘sorry’ for a long time, not just Mei,” Kaplan says in the video.

“So now, with any character, you can say ‘sorry’. We think it’s going to be a cool system. A lot of you have asked for that level of customization in the communication wheel, and we think it’ll be really powerful for you.”

It has also been suggested that Blizzard might work on bringing their queue time down. At present, it happens that if one player ends a competitive match, other players are kicked to the back of the queue.

“It’s not going to guarantee that you’re instantly going to get into another match after the match gets shut down by a leaver, but you’re not going to have to wait the entire queue time,” Kaplan says.

“It’s going to put you back in where you would have been as if that match had never happened.”

As of now, Kaplan told that there is no final date assigned for the changes.


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