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Fortnite golden pipe wrenches and where to find them

Fortnite golden pipe wrenches

     One of the new challenges is the search for Midas golden lama, and in fact, many fans are currently looking for that very place. This guide provides exactly what players in Fortnite want to find at their location, as well as a few tips and tricks for players. Then players can work on the other Midas missions for the week. A new challenge is to find a new item in the game, the Midas Golden Llamas, one of his golden lamas.

     Fans need to hone their skills if they want to master the challenge in time. As Midas notes, the Mid as Mission mission is not the only thing Fortnite players currently occupy, as the Week 9 Deadpool Challenge is also available. This mission includes two new items, one where players are asked to earn a Gold Lama and the other, a Silver Llamas, both of which can be unlocked in-game. Players who complete this task are rewarded with a nice X – Force Skin and the Battle Pass is littered with other nods to give players a hint of other games.

The challenge is to find the yacht, a cardboard box with the Metal Gear Solid logo inside. We’ve all seen what it looks like on the COD card, but the boxes are a homage to MetalGear Solid. Of course, many players will not have reached level 100 of the Battle Pass and probably will not experience the greatest frustration with Midas and his arrival, but he is still able to maintain his skin at level 100. Every weapon he touches turns to gold, just like the speedboat. So if you didn’t want to use a method that could eventually be patched up, this is a way to make sure you get the legendary lieutenant before you conquer the camp.

Fortnite golden pipe wrenches Locations

   The location to find the wrenches are:

  • H2: Steamy Stacks golden pipe wrench
  • H4: Dirty Docks golden pipe wrench
  • D8: Pipeman golden pipe wrench
  • B6: Shanty Town golden pipe wrench
  • C1: Lockie’s Lighthouse golden pipe wrench

Fortnite golden pipe wrenches location Map

We have marked them for you

A close up of a map

Description automatically generated

Source: Epic games

     I hope this helps stick with us for the latest updates.


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